Because Female Dwarves are Awesome

This Saturday, Zeherah of will be joining us on the Hunting Party Podcast. In case you were not aware, she has updated the DPS analyzer for patch 4.0.1.

We’ll talk to her about what went into getting the site updated, the differences between patch 4.0.1 and level 85. We’ll also discuss the challenges she encountered in updating the formulas and modeling the various stats (I’m looking at you Haste).

And if there’s time we might have her do some dps analyzer 101 and walk the listeners (and by listeners, I mean me) through the process of using her tool and understanding the results.

In the meantime if you can’t wait until Saturday, be sure to listen to the interview Euripides did with Zeherah in episode one of the Hunting Party Podcast. She also wrote a couple of articles for on how to analyze your performance using World of Logs.

Should be a fun show. If there are any questions you’d like us to ask Zeherah you can ask them in the comments or send an e-mail to See you Saturday at 6pm Eastern time.

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  1. […] essential hunter tool: Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer at Darkbrew gives us a sneak peak for the next Hunting Party Podcast by promising an interesting interview with Zeherah herself! […]

  2. Please thank Zeherah for all the work she's put into this update.

    I've noticed plenty of concern over weapon damage. Could you ask her about the role that it's now playing in our dps?

    Also, what things should we keep in mind when interpreting the results we see in the new spreadsheet? Are there any unresolved kinks or wrinkles that would cause the results to skew systematically?

  3. More on eidotrope's concern's. I plugged my MM hunter in, checked the dps with base stats, I then reforged all my haste items into mastery then crit on the gear that didn't have haste. Prior to the reforge, my stat list looked reasonable, haste was a bit low and agi was slightly better than range dps. After the reforge haste was sitting at 10dps per point agi 3.5 and range dps 3. I had just reforged hundreds of haste into mastery and seen a decent dps increase.

    If haste was so awesome, I'm sure Frost's hours of tests reforging would have shown this.

    Big thanks to Zeherah for putting in so much effort. She is truly amazing!

  4. Hmm, I think it has to do with the bloodlust setting, although I can't replicate the results going back to it. I was trying to see if I was just below a haste soft cap. I fail bad some times.

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