Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 55

It’s the Blizzcon episode! Darkbrew and Euripides chat with Frostheim as he records live from Blizzcon. Frostheim managed to pull off two things while there.  He got some one-on-one time with Ghostcrawler and the two of them discussed hunters (note: this was a casual off-air discussion that was not recorded). He also got Ghostcrawler to record an audio bumper for the podcast which we will now play during each break (we’re upping our break number to five now 😛 ). Enjoy!

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One comment

  1. Have 2 questions for you,
    Question number 1) It seems to me as if hunters are getting shafted PvP wise. Before 4.0.1 I could hold my own under most conditions, but now I feel like cannon fodder. Rogues rip me a new one (5-7k damage per hit and I'm in full PvP gear). Healers can heal through our damage. I did a test with a Discipline Priest in full PvP gear, he was able to heal faster than I was damaging him. and now with the talk of nerfing Widow's Venom (totally use less once that occurs) just how the hell are we supposed to kill anyone?

    Question number 2) Why does Frosthiem hate elves? And is it just Blood elves or elves in General?

    Love the show Keep Up the Good Work

    Terresta, Ravencrest(Ravenfail) US

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