Meet the Brew Crew

Our new stables have five times the pet capacity than we’re used to, but until we have the room to store one of every type of pet skin in the game it will never be big enough. I’ll bet many of you are agonizing over what you’re 25 will be; that is unless you’re a card carrying member of the “untextured cube” club. Yes I’m talking about you Euripides ๐Ÿ˜›

Like most of you I’ve been on a taming spree and I’ve finally gotten all of my pets leveled to 80. When it came to finding pets I had three goals in mind,

  1. Ensuring that I had all of the raid buff/debuffs at my disposal.
  2. Having pets with the looks that I like best.
  3. Making sure I left some space to tame some of the awesome pets coming in Cataclysm.

I suppose a fourth goal should have been coming up with cool names for all of them. Maybe next expansion. Anyway, it’s time to meet The Brew Crew.


1. Fluffy – Ancient Hysteria (heroism buff), Lava Breath (cast speed reduction). This is the Kurken model, by far my favorite. If you’re Horde you might want to pick up this guy now. You’ll be able to do it in Cata., but it might be a little more challening.

2. Yeungling – Qiraji Fortitude (stamina buff), Venom Web Spray (root). This guy is the Silithid Ravager, a rare spawn found in Shimmering flats. You can also get him in AQ40, but you have to defeat at least the first boss before your run into them. In Cata. you’ll easily find them in Thousand Needles.

3. Lightbrew – Demoralizing Roar (physical damage debuff). This is your typical polar bear. I might actually release him in Cata. and replace him with a carrion bird as they will have the same debuff. I know dwarves and bears are supposed to go hand-in-hand, but meh.

4. Zeus – Lightening Breath (increased magic damage taken). This guy can be found in Netherstorm and also in Sethekk Halls. If you’re farming Anzu you might want to pick one up.

5. Gilligan – Ravage (increased physical damage taken). I spent a lot of time using a ravager in Burning Crusade, but dumped him in Wrath. Boy, I forgot how cool these things are. Flip animations are wicked.

6. Glenlivet – Tear Armor (armor debuff). The picture doesn’t do this guy justice. He is actually a color changer, and I much prefer the purple and blue look; It’s really nice. This guy can be found in Zul’Drak.

7. Foghorn – Dust Cloud (reduced attack speed). This is the Strider Clutchmother, a rare spawn found in Darkshore. In Cata. the clutchmother is going away, however, this model will be a common one found in Swamp of Sorrows. I have to say, I’m not as fond of the Tallstriders as I was hoping.

8. Shmoo – Spore Cloud (reduced casting speed). This is probably going to be my least used pet. Just head to Zangarmarsh and get whatever color you’d like.

9. Suva – Roar of Courage (agility and strength buff), Spirit Mend (healing ability). Probably the front runner to be my leveling companion in Cata. Suva, by the way, is the capital of the largest city in Fiji. I hope to visit there someday soon.

10. Guinness – Roar of Courage (agility and strength buff), Spirit Mend (healing ability). If spirit beasts weren’t such a pain to get, I’d likely release this guy back into the wild. Once Cata. comes there’s still a chance his days could be numbered. There are too many other cool pets out there.

11. Cody – Roar of Courage (agility and strength buff). I’m likely to raid as Survival so having buffs covered by both exotic and non-exotic pets is important. The white lion will still be tameable in Cata. I think the only way to get him though is through the Horde quest in the Barrens. I believe the one that spawned from the quest in Winterspring is gone. I may replace this model in Cata.

12. TresHuevos – Terrifying Roar (crit buff), Monstrousl Bite (reduced healing). The T-rex is still fun, and I like using him in PvP as I try to farm some honor for the 264 PvP weapons.

13. Grolsch – Furious Howl (crit buff). This wolf model needs to go. I’m tired of it. I was waiting to see if Blizzard was going to make any of the Demon hounds tameable, which they did. Unfortunatly they’re all members of the dog family which means I need to find a new wolf.

14. Joker – Tendon Rip (bleed debuff). The red hyena is my favorite color, in fact I’m enjoying this pet much more than I thought I would. I got this one out of Scaret Monestary, however, they are being replaced with the new Mastiffs in Cata. I’m not sure where the red hyenas will be hiding. Uldum maybe?

15. Ludwig – Frost Breath (slows the target), Froststorm Breath (AoE attack). I’m not really sure when I’ll use this guy, but of all the chimera skins I like the purple one the best. He’s a rare spawn from Netherstorm by the way.

16. Bogart – Worms just got buffed on the beta and may become the BM AoE pet of choice. Also, the pic does not do this pet justice. I actually tamed the ghostly looking one from the Hodir quests. That thing is almost invisible.

As you can see I have all the raid buffs and debuffs covered. In some cases I even have overlap. In the case of the spirit beasts/cat and devilsaur/wolf this is so I have those buffs available when I don’t raid as BM.

Coming in Cataclysm

So those are all the pets I have, but in no way does this consist of all the pets that I want. Curse you Blizzard! You tease us by giving us 25 stable slots and then add an insane amount of cool new pets to the game. As I zip around the beta and follow all of the action over at the petopia pet forums, it’s becoming clear that nine free slots just isn’t going to cut it.

I’ll definitely get a Shale Spider for the kings buff. There are two new turtle models which trump all others (one of them is on freakin’ fire!). I love all the parrots, and the seagull makes me lol. I like my current silithid, but the Hive Controller with its exposed brain is something I want. Then there is the new lion that has the same model as the Alliance mount. I love the new tigers from Uldum too. By the way those are apparently in a phased section of Uldum, so careful planning is required if you wish to tame one of them.

Let’s see, what else is there? Ooh foxes, especially the Highland model. Of course there are mastiffs and demon hounds. I’ve always wanted a blue mage hunter. Oh, and hellboars! I fancy the ones from Blades Edge. Beetles look like fun and the Sapphire Hive Queen is back. Then there is Gazzarack the black and yellow warp stalker; it no longer has its summoning effect, but it still looks cool.

Yeah, 25 stable slots is definitely not going to cut it. Here’s a look at some of the pets I’ll look to add to my stable in Cataclysm.

Note: All the images are from the super awesome Petopia (because I’m too lazy to do my own screenies). Go there NAO!!

Until next time, Stay thirsty my friends and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager.


  1. "Glenlivet"? I love you, Darkbrew! That's the best name ever for a pet.
    I think I'll go have some of Glenlivet right now in fact. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. @Gav – It's funny of all the pet names I've had over the years, this one always seems to get a comment. Enjoy the drink!

  3. Yup, Glenlivet made my stomach shiver a little. The last time I saw that name was at a free walk-up bar at a buddy's wedding. Delicious stuff. Delicious, dangerous stuff.

    And we can tame a seagull?! I'm not one for collecting rares and skins, but that's kinda funny.

  4. That's one fine stable you have there Darkbrew. In fact, it's almost the same as mine (that includes skins) with only a few exceptions.

    1. I chose taming The Beast in UBRS for his unique "Boss-tag", although I like the DoubleHeadDog-model more. Oh well, this one goes in the dog/wolf-only-stable my Worgen Hunter will have ๐Ÿ˜›
    4. I -So- dislike these creatures. Except from the bad memories in ZG, they have way too much animation when idle, it's irritating. I'm happy my default raid/dungeon-group always cover the raidbuffs these creatures bring. What a waste of a slot.
    7. Nope, no slot for these weird chickens. I think I can handle the wait untill foxes are released.
    9. Yarr, I have both Loque and Skoll, the once I like the most, so I'm all settled for Cata with me spirit beasts. And then I'm gonna hunt down Ghostcrawler. I'm a little bit surprised that one isn't on your wishlist Brew. ๐Ÿ˜›
    11. I have King Bangalash, a White Tiger. In real life I saw these creatures in a zoo and they're just awesome, beautiful creatures. I will have a hard time replacing this one with that Uldum Tiger, but that one is frikkin' awesome. I just have to have one of those.
    13. I tamed Ironjaw, cause I find the old models way better than the new ones. And the skin from Ironjaw is pretty unique.

    I'm looking forward meeting all these new beasts in Cataclysm and I will try to tame as many as my stable can handle. 25stable seems small, but thank the beerlords you're not the one that has to clean it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I also have the white corehound and he is also called Fluffy. Clearly it was his destiny to be so named. My only other pet right now is a wolf and he's called Brian, after Brian in Family Guy.

  6. […] Time spent researching the pets: 33 min (3 min per pet) Time spent tracking down and taming them: 2 hrs 12 min (12 min per pet) Time spent leveling them: 9 hrs 53 min (3 heroics per pet at 18 min each) Time spent waiting in the dungeon queue: 4 hrs 57 min (27 min per pet) Time spent naming them: Iโ€™m still not done! (maybe I can get some inspiration from Darkbrewโ€™s name choices) […]

  7. So sometime in Wrath I noticed I was running with primarily white pets, so I decided to make it a character theme. (I also run with white mounts and white minipets, and considered changing my hair color to white except it made my character look too much like Emmylou Harris.) As a result, I'm running these days with…

    Albus, a white bear
    Nancy, a white crocolisk
    Jadis, a white the cat
    Kiba, a white wolf
    Severus, a white serpent
    Ed, a white hyena
    Aziraphale, a black and white windserpent
    Anya, a gray tarantula (close enough to white for my purposes)
    and…Spike, a green ravager. There are no white pets that bring the physical damage debuff. *grump*

  8. Glenlivet and Guinness! A man after my own heart….the hazelnut brown ale I mentioned in a note to the podcast is not good enough for you. Maybe my latest stout(got to bottle it first) will be christened darkbrew's ale!

  9. I haven't started taming yet but I love seeing what others have. I got the fuzzy worm months ago and adore him. Take him swimming and see what I mean. Especially if you let him go nuts on anything in the water with you.

    I have the fluffy white owl Olm. My main durotar tiger, the red and gold fluffy wolf from Blades Edge, and a tirisfal bat.

    I used to have a strides but much as I enjoyed her company she just wasn't very good at protecting me. Not like my lovely tiger. I tame a raptor everynow and then but they never do me much good so I doubt I'll get another but oh devilsaur! I haven't decided what color devilsaur and corehound but I kind of like the molten core ones alot. It's so exciting!

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