BRK on the Hunting Party Podcast

BRK of will be joining us on the Hunting Party Podcast tomorrow at 6PM Eastern. He and Frostheim will be sharing their thoughts on the Cataclysm beta.

Tune in as I try struggle to get a word in edgwise, fail miserably, and resolve to just sitting there drinking beer and eating steak.

Finally if you have questions you’d like to ask us, please e-mail them to –


  1. you need to find a wee niche topic that they wont have covered and work it into the conversation lol
    suggestions new hunter trinkets in cata hint (jewelcrafting one)
    where we will get our first new bow and gear upgrades {like the new loot in the new 5 man)

    new potions and flasks
    umm what happens to our quivers what bags they turn into

    something they go umm no i havent seen that and then you can go on about how cool it is 😀

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