Not One, But Two Beta Builds

Okay, I’m still not in the Cataclysm beta. That being said, there is so much information floating around that one can get a pretty darn good idea of what’s going on without actually having to log onto a beta server. I’d still love and invite though.

This week there were two new beta builds. There were a few talent changes for hunters, but for the most part hunters are still very much a work in progress, and the big changes/fixes to focus and talents aren’t implemented yet. Also, the pet design for Cataclysm remains missing in action.

Pets, on the other hand are still very much a part of the beta. Blizzard seems to be taking a “No Skin Left Behind” approach and the list of endangered species keeps dwindling. Most if not all of the “rare” skins have been found. In fact a couple of the skins that could only be found on rare mobs have been made common. The Strider Clutchmother and Mazzranache are two examples.

The Sapphire Hive Queen in Sholazar (sometimes referred to as the LSD Wasp of Doom) is reported as tameable in the current version of the beta.

And finally, Grunter the black boar in the blasted lands is reported to have a new look.

Yup, for the moment we have one tameable helboar. Keep in mind this is beta and there’s no guarantee that this will make it to release. But still this is cool.

Also, the image is not an actual screen shot of the new Grunter, but it is his new model. You can view a screen shot of him in this post over at the Petopia forums. If you want to stay on top of all the pet rumors and changes coming out of the beta head over Petopia . Until I get a beta key it’s where I go to get the skinny on pets.

Happy Hunting!