Three Enchants to Consider

Today I wanted to cover three enchants that you may want to consider as part of your raiding set.  These are Cat’s Swiftness, Tuskarr’s Vitality and the Biznicks 247×128 Accurascope.

The first two come at the expense of some DPS enchants, and the last one is so old school it may be hard to get, but they’re all worth a look.

Speed Kills

Ever since we interviewed Munken from Ensidia on the Hunting Party Podcast, I’ve been running with Tuskarr’s Vitality on my boots. Ensidia requires all of their raiders to have some type of speed boost whether it comes from talents, gems or enchants.

The concept here is simple.  Almost all raid encounters require you to move around, and the faster you can get from point A to point B, the more time you’ll spend doing DPS.

Cat’s Swiftness – +6 agility and minor speed increase (8%).
  • Large Prismatic Shard x8
  • Primal Air x8

This is a Burning Crusade enchant.  The advantage it has over Tuskarr’s is the small dps gained from the +6 agility.  That and it’s name just make it more Huntery anyway.

I haven’t checked the AH to see what it’s going for, but the mats shouldn’t be that difficult to acquire.  There recipe comes in two versions, a BoE Outland drop and a BoP drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider in Magister’s Terrace.  As time goes by this one may be harder to find.

Tuskarr’s Vitality – +15 Stamina and minor speed increase (8%).
  • Infinite Dust x10
  • Greater Cosmic Essence x2
  • Dream Shard x2

This is the WotLK version of the speed enchant.  Scrolls, mats, and enchanters who can make this should be readily available.  If you’re looking for a speed enchant this should be easy to get.

Old School Challenge

Biznicks 247×128 Accurascope – +30 hit rating (almost 1%)
  • Lava Core x2
  • Essence of Earth x2
  • Delicate Arcanite Converter x4
    • Arcanite Bar x5
    • Ironweb Spider Silk x4
  • Dark Iron Bar x6
  • Thorium Tube
    • Thorium Bar x6
If you really like to min/max and want a challenge you can try scrounging one of these up.  Depending on your gear and how you’re doing on hit this scope could allow you to replace an item such as the Icecrown Ramparts Bracers with say Scourge Hunter’s Vambraces (thanks to Rilgon for this tip).

My advice is check the AH first to see if there’s a scope for sale.  Then check to see what mats are available to buy.  I was able to get the Lava Cores, Arcanite Bars, Essence of Earth, and Thorium Tube for around 100g.

The Dark Iron Bars can only be made in Blackrock Depths and there’s a bit of an attunement required in order to smelt the ore.

The tough part is going to be finding someone who can make it.  The schematic is a drop from Molten Core, so there may not be too many Engineers around who are able to craft one.  If you’re an Engineer you could try and farm the schematic, but that could take a while.

Good Hunting!


  1. Crapped out on farming motes of air for the BC one, but I picked up Tuskar's Vitality today. The regular boot enchant isn't amazing anyway, and I'll feel better with the speed boost on many of the more technical fights in ICC. Thanks.

  2. I've been trying desperately to get a hold of Cat's Swiftness on my enchanter for MONTHS and no luck, so I'm stuck with Tuskarr's. Cat's Swiftness was quite rare in TBC, I remember it costing way too much to buy from the AH, and the one time I saw it drop in MGT HC, the mage in the party won it :<

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