Hunting Party Podcast Site

Just a quick update to let you know that the Hunting Party Podcast now has it’s own site –

The only content on the site are links to past episodes, however, when we start doing live shows this is the place you’ll want to go.  Additional content such as Hunter articles, guest bloggers and such is a possibility.

Thanks for listening!

3 Comments on “Hunting Party Podcast Site”

  1. cool cool. You guys should have synopses under the podcast links, so if we're hunting (har!) for a particular episode (for example, if I was trying to remember an addon Kriparrian uses), it's easier to find. I'm not actually looking for the Krip episode though….just seemed logical example.

  2. I agree, some for of show notes would be good.

    I suspect that Euripides just wanted to get all the episodes up there first. I'll find out if we're planning to add show notes or not.

  3. Yeah, the problem is that we all wrote our own show notes. We'll get something pasted in there, and maybe some tags as well- but for now, at least the framework is there.

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