Zod’s Bugged

“Zod’s should not reset your autoshot. This is a bug.”

This is what Ghostcrawer posted in response to reports that the proc on Zod’s Repeating Longbow is resetting our auto-shot timer.

Essentially what this means is you’ll be losing out on the number of auto-shots that you should be getting during the course of a fight.  Enough in fact, to negate the benefit you get from the proc.

Given the lack of stats on this weapon the heroic TotC ranged weapons will probably get you more dps until this is fixed.  I’m not sure how the dps compares to other ranged weapons.

If you have this fine weapon, just know you aren’t getting all of the dps out of it that you should.

I wouldn’t kneel just yet.


  1. Weak. Did he say they were fixing it? Ideally tomorrow, with the new ICC wing and whatnot? Because I melted down my 245 when I won this, and I'm a bit upset at this news.

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