MMQB: New and Shiny

Happy New Year everyone! I’m one week into life with my new guild.  I’ve seen new content, defeated new bosses, made new friends, and even gotten some new loot.  It was a very good week, and I feel good about my decision to change guilds.

New Bosses

We cleared the first four bosses in ICC (25).  Lady Deathwhisper, the Gunship, and Deathbringer Saurfang were all guild firsts.  I suspect that Lady D will continue to give us fits.  I’m not convinced that we’ve mastered the adds on this fight yet.  The Gunship battle is just a fun fight, and was instant farm for us.  Saurfang gave us all kinds of trouble, but I think we may have found something that works for us.

I also anticipate that we’ll get three new bosses this week.  I haven’t spent a lot of time researching them, but as soon as I’m done with this post, I’m heading over to Tankspot.  I can’t wait to get back into ICC this week.

New Strategy

We spent all of Wednesday evening wiping on Saurfang.  Ten wipes in total. Sunday we dusted ourselves off and five attempts later I was watching Deathbringer’s Will go to someone other than me.

We watched the videos, read the various strats, and in the end, here’s what worked for us.  The tanks dragged him off the steps and tanked him in the center of the room.  This gave the raid ample room to spread out stay out of each other’s space.  Instead of a semi-circle we made a full circle around him. It made handling the adds a little tougher, but it greatly reduced the Saurfang’s Blood Power gains from Blood Nova.  It took him a lot longer to get his second mark than all of our previous attempts (we were still a long way off from getting I’ve Gone and Made a Mess).

I had my doubts that this would work, but it did.

New Gear I Got

New Gear I Didn’t Get

Ten Things I’m Thinking About
  1. I’m still at that point where I’m more excited about clearing content and less concerned about loot.  I don’t expect that to last long.
  2. I finally started doing some gear planning.  If you go for the four piece T10 bonus, there are some nice pieces of gear you won’t have πŸ™
  3. The Hunter T10 pants look to be the worst of the set.
  4. I bought the T10 shoulders with emblems.  This means they’ll probably be a drop off of the new VoA boss when he’s released.
  5. I’m probably going to get the T10 gloves next.  This means they’ll also be a drop off of the new VoA boss, and he’ll be released shortly after I buy them.
  6. 5-man heroic trash is so irrelevant.  Please don’t complain when I just choose to volley it down (the new 5-mans are excluded from this).
  7. Triumph Badges are a great source of epic gems. Too bad, I’m tired of running heroics.
  8. The same people on my realm continue to list the new ammo in 100 stacks at 1000 stack prices.  I guess people must be buying it. /sigh.
  9. Gear scores are starting to climb, making it more and more irrelevant again.
  10. My new raid schedule conflicts with new season of Lost.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Good Hunting!


  1. Grats on the bosses. Your looking at T10 gloves instead of the Logsplitters? I show them as a big dps upgrade over the T10 ones. At only 60 Frost I might make these my next purchase.

  2. On an item-per-item comparison I think the Logsplitters are better. As I was putting together a set of gear I was lacking in +hit so the T10 gloves made up for that.

    Also, I was considering the 4 piece bonus and it was looking like the T10 legs would be the odd piece out.

    I'm still working on this though. Logsplitters and Leggings of Northern Lights are both great pieces. I'm not sure I can create great dps set that includes both of those.

  3. I see your point with the 4 piece T10. The Tier legs stink…. I have to appreciate your long term approach more. I tend to jump on any upgrade since I have a hard time with getting the drops I'm looking for. (Still havent sniffed a trophy from ToC thanks to stupid open rolls)

    My plan is to rock the 2pc T9/T10 combo until I an get enough frost badges.

    My guess is you would still be up top on the meters with "less than optimal" gear.

  4. I’m probably going to get the T10 gloves next.

    Dear god, no, don't do that! You want the T10 chest, not the gloves!

    T9 Helm and Pants, T10 Chest and Shoulders, Frost Emblem Gloves, Belt, and Cloak. Do it nao. πŸ˜›

  5. Don't worry, I haven't fully made up my mind about this, and I have seen your post πŸ˜‰

    So two T9 (even if they're level 245) and two T10 are better than the 4 piece T10? I'll have to play around with this some more.

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