Zod’s Fixed

Blizzard released a list of in-game fixes, which included Zod’s.  You may once again kneel before Zod.  You can read the official link here.

“The proc on Zod’s Repeating Longbow should no longer reset auto shots.”


  1. You may once again kneel before Zod.

    Assuming it's dropped. ;_;

    *clings to Deathbringer's Will for comfort*

  2. I saw it drop last week. I reached into my pockets to pull out some DKP and all I found was a paper clip, nail file, some lint, a chewing gum wrapper, and a rubber ball.

  3. Darkbrew, you're toying with my emotions. Yesterday you tell me it's broke, only to play hero today with news that it's better. Next you'll tell us that WoW is canceling hunters. I'm on to you…

  4. I here ya, and btw – Zod's 2, Darkbrew 0. It's dropped two weeks in a row now. I guess the good news is the next time it drops I'll get it for minimum DKP.

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