ICC Preview: Gunship Battle

This is real simple, if you don’t want to know squadoosh about the Icecrown Citadel raid then don’t bother reading this article.  My definition of a spoiler, however, is going into a raid encounter not knowing what to do, so I’ve been doing a little homework on the first four bosses that will be available when patch 3.3 is released.

Today’s article is about the Gunship Battle, the third encounter you’ll face.

I’ve got one word for this one – Jetpacks!  Between that and my Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket I move closer to becoming Boba Fett every patch, but I digress. This Gunship Battle has the makings to be one of the most fun encounters in the game.  I enjoyed the vehicle encounter in Ulduar, I think this will blow that away.

Basically the raid will be split into two main groups: Ship Defenders and Boarding Party.  The breakout of the groups will be similar to Thorim in Ulduar.  The ship defenders are your AOE specialists and the boarding party are your strong single target dps.  As hunters we can probably be in either group. The boarding party gets to use the jetpack so I will stage my own mutiny fly there regardless of my assigned group.

Also some raid members will get to man the ship’s cannons which will be key in destroying the enemy ship.

Anyway check out the video and read through the available strategy information and get ready for Icecrown.

My Thoughts For Hunters
  • The adds on the enemy ship are great for single target DPS.  This means we will likely get to use our jetpacks and fly over to the enemy vessel.



Things a Hunter might want.

Item iLevel Item Type Slot Source
Icecrown Rampart Bracers 251 Mail Wrist 10-man
Pauldrons of Lost Hope 251 Mail Shoulder 10-man
Scourge Hunter’s Vambraces 264 Mail Wrist 25-man

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