MMQB: Island Edition

I’m on vacation in St. Thomas this week, so I won’t being doing much blogging.  I was fortunate to squeeze in a TotC (25) run before I left for vacation.  I was even more fortunate to snag Talonstrike.  I still want the gun from Onyxia (25), but I certainly feel better now.

I ran TotC (25) with a guild I’m hoping to join.  You’d think topping their meters and out-dpsing their best geared hunter (who was better geared than me) would warrant an instant invitation regardless of spot availability.

It appears the Darkbrew effect is alive and well.  This works in one of two ways,
  1. Groups that wipe several times on a boss and then pull me into the run usually one-shot the boss on my first attempt.  This has happened for Ony 10/25, Iron Council (25) and Hodir (25).  Probably some others too.
  2. Raid teams I’m on that are unable to progress past a certain point will have breakthrough while I’m on vacation.  This has happened in Naxxramas and now TotC (25).  Congratulations on downing Anub, and you guys suck!

Ten Things I’m Thinking About

  1. Failures on Anub (25) have cost me 24 badges, 8 chances at trophies, and opportunities to get Leggings of the Lurking Threat, Archon Glaive and Belt of Deathly Dominion.
  2. I both love and hate that my guild got Anub down in TotC (25).
  3. Other than badges there is no reason for me to run TotC (10), VoA (10), or Onyxia (10).
  4. Patch 3.2 has been my favorite patch of this expansion.  I finally caught up to the Joneses.
  5. I don’t think patch 3.3 will drop this week, but it’s safe to say we’re officially on patch watch from here on out.
  6. I’m looking forward to getting my Runed Band of the Kirin Tor.  Nice way to ring in patch 3.3.
  7. My GM has asked me to tutor a couple of Hunters.  I told him okay, but only if they want to be tutored.
  8. We recorded episode 15 of the Hunting Party Podcast.  No guest this week, just Euripides, Frostheim and I talking.  I missed the first half of the show because I was raiding.  It was, of course, the best half of the show.
  9. My wife is a real pro at travel planning and packing.  I got to raid the night before our trip as a result of this.
  10. Island internet is still better than no internet at all.  Not by much though.