ICC Preview: Lady Deathwhisper

This is real simple, if you don’t want to know squadoosh about the Icecrown Citadel raid then don’t bother reading this article.  My definition of a spoiler, however, is going into a raid encounter not knowing what to do, so I’ve been doing a little homework on the first four bosses that will be available when patch 3.3 is released.

Today’s article is about Lady Deathwhisper, the second boss you’ll face.

Please note that this is just one of three videos that folks over at Tank Spot recommended for viewing.

Unlike Marrowgar this fight is going to be a real test.  It’s all about getting to Phase II.  Phase I looks like a real cluster with lots of adds running around.

Crowd control will be useful (especially priest’s Shackle ability).  Also focused targeting of certain adds will be important.  Players will get mind controlled and will need to be CC’d when that happens.  All of these things are part of Phase I.  If you make it to phase two the fight becomes more or less a tank and spank.


My Thoughts for Hunters

  • Phase I requires a ranged tank, but I do not think Hunters will be used to fill this role.
  • We’ll be trying to burn down her mana shield.
  • We’ll be DPSing adds
  • We may have to help with CC on both adds and MC targets.
  • Oh and stay out of the green stuff.


[EDIT: Since I published this article MMO-Champion updated their database with items from this boss]

Item iLevel Item Type Slot Source
Handgrips of Frost and Sleet 251 Mail Hands 10-man
Njordnar Bone Bow 251 Bow Ranged 10-man
Leggings of Northern Lights 264 Mail Legs 25-man