I Mourn for Shadowmourne

MMO-Champion data mined information about Shadomourne the new legendary axe dropping from ICC.  I play a dwarf hunter and am perfectly capable of wielding an axe.  Apparently Blizzard is well aware of this and has restricted the classes that can use this to Warrior, Paladin and Death Knight.

Now since this is the PTR I’m sure it’s just an oversight and we can expect to see Hunter added to that list.  If not I may have to get in touch with Mr. T and see how good his WoW hacking skills really are.

As a jewelcrafter I’d be perfectly happy loading the three gem slots with Delicate Dragon’s Eye for 102 agility.  And my pet could use the strength, right?  C’mon Blizz!


  1. Im with you 100%. I died a bit inside when I saw this too. I'm doing the Hunter Voo-Doo dance for the change myself.

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