Patch 3.3 – Ammo

The speculation appears to over.  The latest PTR build has brought hunters new epic ammo.  It will be made by engineers, but available to all.
  • You need to be honored with the Ashen Verdict to purchase the plans.
  • Bullets require Goblin engineering and Arrows require Gnomish engineering.  This means that a single engineer will only be able to make one type of ammo.  I will probably be Goblin engineering, so please don’t ask me to make arrows.
  • They appear to be cheap to make (and hopefully cheap to buy).  One stack of bullets required two crystallized earth and one stack of arrows requires two crystallized shadow.
  • The ammo does 91.5 dps.


  1. Materials incoming…. I need some extra Shatter Rounds now that my rogue ALSO has "The Diplomat". Did you get your gun upgrade yet?

  2. My alt Shaman is my (Goblin) engineer, and unless there is a system to gain honored rep with Ashen Verdict outside of IC raids, I will have to buy ammo or get it made for me. I do not like the looks of this so far.

  3. No ranged weapon upgrade yet (gun or bow). Based on the information that was released about ICC, it looks like I'll have plenty of time to get one.

  4. I'm hoping it will be cheap to buy. I'm not sure I like the whole Goblin/Gnomish thing either.

    Also, with the just announced staggered release of ICC raid content it might be a slow road to get that rep too.

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