MMQB: Gear Score

Another Monday, and another week of raiding comes to a close.  Last week I predicted we’d have four hunters on our VoA/Ony run.  I was wrong we had five.  Thanks to a healer shortage on Saturday we only had three hunters for our TotC (25) run.  No hunter loot this week. Hunters are close on gear, but not on dps.  This much competition combined with open role, combined with me only needing a few items, doesn’t bode well for getting what I need before Icecrown arrives.

It doesn’t help that our strategy for Anub (25) is all wrong.  Of course it’s all wrong because our middle to bottom dps is atrocious.

Gear Score

Stuff I Need* Gear Darkbrew
Giant’s Bane 1 0
The Diplomat 1 0
Talonstrike 1 0
Rifled Blastershot Launcher 1 0
Death’s Verdict 1 0
Lupine Longstaff 2 0

* Note:  these are things I’ve seen drop, but haven’t won.

Ten Things I’m Thinking About
  1. If you’re looking for a raiding guild now is the time to step up your search.  TotC 10/25 normal modes maybe puggable now, but they weren’t when 3.2 first came out.  I suspect the same will be true for Icecrown Citadel.
  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new ammo in patch 3.3.  Two crystallized earth for 1K bullets and two crystallized Shadow for 1k arrows.  Very cheap to make.
  3. I’m coming to the realization that my next ranged weapon upgrade might actually come from ICC (5) heroic.
  4. I used rail against DKP systems; I could really use one right about now.
  5. They say patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait.  An in-game friend has asked me to be patient.  Okay, I’ll play your waiting game.
  6. I’m considering having Crusader’s Dragonscale Bracers made.  Unless I start doing TotGC (10) these might fit the bill to start in Icecrown.
  7. I’m also thinking I’ll wait until patch 3.3 hits before I have them made.  I’ll sell my orbs now and then just farm what I need when the patch drops.
  8. I’ve been reviewing the e-mail sent to my spam folder.  I’ve learned two important things about myself.  (1) I have made a profound impression on people that I can’t recall ever meeting, and (2) They’ve all died around the same time.  Creepy, I know.
  9. I upgraded to Windows 7.  I’m getting very good at recovering lost data, not so good at backing it up.  Epic Fail.
  10. I’m going on vacation next week.  Looking forward to catching up on some sleep.

Quote of the Week I

Just ask Darkbrew.”

This was said to one of the hunters on our Onyxia (25) run.  We had three pallys so he wanted Wisdom to help him with mana issues he was having.  He was told no because the Shammy was handling mana with a totem.  This discussion went on for several minutes.  Finally someone said if you’re having mana issues, just ask Darkbrew.

Quote of the Week II

“I don’t need to ask Darkbrew!”

This was the hunter’s response to quote I.  If dying from a whelp in phase II is your method of conserving mana, then maybe you do need to ask Darkbrew. By the way mana isn’t your only issue, but since you’re not asking then we’re not telling 😉

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  1. If you are in a 25 man raid guild (I take it you can do 10) mans

    wait till no guild hunters are online and say hey who wants to do 10 man ony or togc 10 or ulduar 10 <– very nice stuff in here on hard modes
    and guildies will love you

    crafting I would wait till patch 3.3 hits those orbs are dropping like crazy now and if u are struggling for a trinket you will be swimmimg in hit with the badge one

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