The Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 14

The Hunting PartyHi folks! This week, DarkbrewFrostheim, and I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Kripparrian, the hunter with the most DPS records. In case you’re wondering how that works, if you go to and look at hunter DPS or damage done benchmarks, it’s his name you’ll see there most often. Kripparian is a hunter in the Exodus guild, a major PvE guild with many world firsts under their belt.

If you want to know how he does it, you can (a) listen to this week’s podcast, (b) visit his youtube channel, (c) check out a post Euripides wrote on OutDPS trying to piece together how he manages his cooldowns, (d) check out a similar post by Frostheim about stacking cooldowns and procs, or (e) search fruitlessly for a similar post here at the Brew Hall (hint:  you won’t find one).

In addition to having beaten the PvE game, Kripparian has made (and spent!) hundreds of thousands of gold, has finished every arena season in which he’sparticipated in as a gladiator, and has 10620 achievement points.

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