MMQB: As Good as it Gets

Monday has arrived and that means another raid reset is upon us. Patch 3.3 continues to bake in the oven and it seems close to being done.  More raid bosses were tested, the Halls of Reflection are open, and a lot of the yummy loot has been added to the game.  I have to say the Emblem of Frost Hunter gear is looking nice.  It is itemized well, has red and yellow sockets, agility bonuses, and a distinct lack of haste.

Speaking of gear, I’m coming to the realization that that I could be marching on Icecrown Citadel with my current gear set.  Assuming an early December release for patch 3.3 (I’m thinking 12/8), there just aren’t many shopping days left.  Still on the wish list are Ranged, Melee, Legs, Trinket, and Belt; in that order!  I’m going on vacation the week after Thanksgiving, so given my raid schedule that leaves two Onyxia and VoA runs, and one TotC (25) run.  This had better be one heck of a lucky week in terms of drops and rolls, or this may be as good as it gets.

Ten Things I’m Thinking About

1.  There’s no point in me checking the guild calendar every 10-minutes to see how many hunters are signed up for Tuesday’s run.  It may only be two now, but there’s no reason to believe there won’t be four when sign-ups close.

2. I couldn’t make the guild TotC (25) run this week so I pugged with another guild.  New group, same result; Anub lives to fight another day.  Maybe it’s me?

3. Just checked the combat logs, number one on most fights and no deaths except on Anub.  It’s not me.

4. The group I pugged with is going after Anub tonight.  Can’t say the same for my current guild which couldn’t get him down this week either.

5. Anub has three items I could use.  Legs, polearm and belt.  I rolled a 97 on a trophy and lost.  During our run there were a total of four rolls of 100 for various items.  I should probably hope that none of my stuff drops.

6. The guild I pugged with might soon have an opening for a ranged dps class.  I will probably take it.  Finding the right guild is a lot like finding the right company to work for (that’s not necessarily a good thing).

7. Loque’Nahak is the coolest pet ever!  I will have to bring him to face Arthas at some point.

8. My old guild’s forums are dead.  They used to be a lively place where the officers hung out.  My decision to leave was probably the right move.

9. The Redskins suck this year, but they beat Denver (a team with playoff hopes).  Did I mention that my wife’s family is from Denver and are huge Broncos fans? 🙂

10. My wife and I disagree about how much lettuce should go on sandwich.  Some battles just aren’t worth fighting.  I need an office rabbit.