Well That Wasn’t So Bad


I was bored today and decided I would see if I could find a spirit beast. After about 15 minutes of flying around Zul’Drak there it was.  Other than the occasional heroic, quests and bank errands he probably won’t see the light of day, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Of all the spirit beasts I think Gondria is by far the easiest to get.  Here’s why,
  1. He has a very concentrated spawn area making it easy for you to cover all possible locations by flying around.
  2. Other than quests (and spirit beast hunting) there is very little reason for players to be wandering around these parts.  He’s in a low traffic area.
  3. He’s easy to spot on the map, because he cons yellow and everything else cons red.

Like all spirit beasts you need to be in the right place at the right time. Oh and for all you coordinate trackers, I tamed him at 67,78 around 3:35 pm server time.

Good Spirit Beast Hunting!