Let’s Get Two!

It’s a beautiful day for hunting spirit beasts…Let’s get two!  So I decided to try my luck again and headed to Sholazar Basin this morning.  As I was making my second loop of the basin lightning struck again and there was Loque’Nahak right by the Goretalon Matriarch.

If you’ve ever tried patrolling the basin then you know two laps doesn’t take very long.  Once again, right place, right time.  The approximate taming coordinates were (58,22) and I got him around 11:00 a.m. server time.

I’d say that Loque’Nahak is probably the second hardest spirit beast to find.  Here’s why,
  1. Sholazar is a great place to farm saronite and herbs.
  2. Loque’Nahak has a lot of spawn locations and all of them are pretty much on the ore farming route.
  3. Odds are that someone is going to run into him shortly after he spawns.

That’s two spirit beasts in under twenty four hours with about 1/2 hour of search time.  Well time to switch back to my survival spec.

Good spirit beast hunting!