Moar Ducks!

Moar ducks is the reason why I love my old guild and it’s also the reason why I left it.  On Saturday night I joined a group of folks from my old guild on an Onyxia (10) run.

We had to pug a one dps spot, but other than that it was filled with guildies and people that had all completed this instance previously.  We did have one person who was off-tanking the encounter for the first time, another person healing the encounter for the first time.  Both, however, had completed it on other toons and were familiar with the overall fight mechanics.

As we were grouping up and getting ready for the encounter the off-tank kept chatting away about Deadly Boss Mods and the “new” Onyxia encounter sounds she just discovered.  For those who may not know there is an option to have DBM play sounds from the famous Onyxia wipe animation (if you click, remember it contains strong language).

After about the third wipe, she was still going on and on about the sounds and then asked why the person was asking for moar ducks and why he wasn’t seeing enough ducks.

Once we all stopped laughing I told her that it was more DOTS not ducks.  I love this kind of stuff, even in the raiding situation.  I don’t love it when it comes at the expense of completing a raid.

Although the incident provided some much needed levity to what was an otherwise trying experience, it was also troubling.  The off-tank, who was struggling with her task, was not focused on figuring out what she was doing wrong and how to correct it.  When helpful suggestions were offered she went into full defensive mode with claims of a laggy PC and retorts about the combat log being wrong.

Eventually the group got Onyxia down, but only after replacing the off-tank, a healer and a dps.

I contrast this with a run I did just the night before with my new guild (I brought my alt. hunter to the old guild’s run).  We one-shot Onyxia,  came within ten seconds of getting the More DOTS achievement and did get this one,


Earlier that evening we completed ToC (10).  Things have gotten to the point where normal mode is easy enough that we tried and completed the achievements below,

ToC (10)

Not only that but here is a snippet from guild chat on Saturday evening.  This was from a tank who wanted to get some experience raid tanking.

New Guild

In my new guild the raids are filled with folks who want to be raiding.  We want to get in and out, and we have a good time doing it.  My new guild’s vent conversations are every bit as pornographic as my old guild’s 😉

I love the people in my old guild and I consider them to be my friends,  but  I’ve worked hard to progress my character and have content goals I’d like to achieve.

I would love to achieve them with my old guildmates, but that just isn’t possible.  When it comes to raiding I have a fever and the prescription definitely isn’t…Moar Ducks!

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