Shock the Monkey, Stroke the Ego

Every now and then I like to remind myself that the Brew Hall is primarily a blog about hunters.  Today’s post is from my beyond the button mashing series.

Now I don’t know about you but I especially like it when my fellow raid members compliment me on my dps.  I like it even more when they compliment me on the other stuff too.  One of those other things involves a situational spell and a giant monkey named Icehowl.

The other night I was in ToC (25) where someone had the misfortune of getting rammed by Icehowl.  Luckily for our raid, I was ready for this and the King Kong wannabe only flashed red for an instant before he was returned to his more passive state.  Normally we keep vent quiet, but this time silence was broken by the raid leader to say thanks and find out just who was this Johny-on-the-spot hunter that saved our bacon.

I guess my zeal to see how good our tanks are at generating threat, and my faith in our healers to heal me through Legion Flames as I stand there so as not to let Sniper Training drop-off probably eliminated me from consideration.  But like they say even a blind squirrel can find a nut.  So yeah, it was me 🙂

The key to this is raid awareness and planning.  While I hope nobody will get hit by Icehowl, I play it as if they will.

What this means is once I’m stunned, I focus on DBM and wait to see who he’s targeting.  Once I get a name I then move my camera around and try to locate that person.  DBM is pretty good about placing a skull over their head.

Once I have this information in hand, I plan my route.   I want to follow Icehowl to his location without getting in his way.  As I run I have my finger poised on the Tranquilizing Shot button, so that I can fire it as soon as he enrages.

If you do this right, you’ll be in firing range as soon as he enrages, and with one press of the button everything will be back on track.  No deaths and no extra healing.

It should be noted that accolades do not translate into any special loot privileges.  It won’t net you a crusader’s trophy, nor will it prevent the raid leader from giving the feral druid the Lupine Longstaff even though you rolled higher.

Good Hunting!

P.S. – Yes I know icehowl is a yeti, but my raid group likes to refer to him as a monkey.

P.S.S. – Yes the Lupine Longstaff was given to our feral druid


  1. I do the same thing but I spam the heck on my F9 (Tranq Shot) key. I assume someone from my raid will get stuck on a wall or even run INTO the monkey. If he doesnt enrage then all I miss out on is a GCD or so. I figure thats worth not wiping. Two weeks ago I had 3 dispels alone on the big monkey for our 10man group.

  2. Umm, three is a lot for 10-man. Heck it's a lot for 25-man too.

    We need to get you into some better raids.

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