I’m Back…

Quite frankly I hadn’t noticed that I was gone (as did you, I’m sure).

Summer trips combined with a major guild re-orginization has limited my abilities come here and write. So what’s been going on?

Our guild is going through some restructuring. The guild no longer meets the visions and goals set by our GM and founder. He has decided to leave and start a new guild. Our current guild will remain and wills shift it’s focus to raiding. At this point I’ve decided to remain on board and see what we can do.

I have to admit that there was a part of me that wanted to jump ship and find a nice established raiding guild where all I had to was follow the rules, show up and do my job.

In fact I got a chance to pug 25-man Ulduar this week and downed Iron Council, Auriaya, and Hodir. It was a lot of fun, and confirmed that this is the content I want to be doing.

But for me the content alone is not enough. Who I raid with is equally important. I have a good group of friends in the guild that I enjoy raiding with and it just doesn’t seem right to leave.

Once the dust is settled and we survive the Summer vacation onslaught you’ll probably see some sort of recruitment post here.

So bottom line for today – I got nuttin’. I do plan on finishing my Simple Jobs series, as well as sharing some thoughts on patch 3.2, and maybe a comment or two on the Hunter Q&A. I thought it was pretty much Meh.