Simple Jobs Part III: The Military Quarter

“In other words I have no responsibilities whatsoever.”

– Lt. Weinberg, A Few Good Men

Welcome to part three of my low risk, high reward series, also known as the lazy hunter series.

Today I’m going to go over the Military Quarter and the “jobs” that my guild asks me to do. Again, there really aren’t that many.

Everything is pretty much AOE, except for the Dark Touched Warriors. Their Whirlwind ability seems to eat our Rogues for lunch so I try to get them down quick.

In Summary

  • I Go Marksman
  • Spam Volley
  • Burn down Dark Touch Warriors
  • Remember to use Trueshot Aura

The Instructor is the first boss in this wing and for me he is “Patchwerk light”. If the mind controllers and tanks do their jobs this becomes a pure stand and deliver fight.

The only thing I really have to do is wait for the understudies to get aggro from the Instructor, and watch my threat in case something goes wrong with the mind control.

In fact, I like to feign death whenever I start climbing up the threat meter. The only other thing I’m sometimes asked to do is use Aspect of the Pack if the priests screw the pooch and we need to reset the encounter.


  • I Go Survival
  • Watch my threat
  • Deliver gobs of DPS
  • Use Aspect of the Pack if our priests suck.

This is boss number two of the Military Quarter. I’ve done both the living side and undead side and both are pretty much the same. The only difference is if I’m on the living side, I get to start the fight. One day I’m going to one-shot him for sure.

Anyway it’s a combination of AOE, Single target dps and misdirects to the tank during the add phase. After that it’s dps Gothik until he’s down. If we’re lucky the gates will open when he’s on my side and I won’t have to run after him.


  • I Go Survival
  • Start the encounter if I’m the living side.
  • AOE/Single target and misdirect the adds.
  • Burn Gothik and hope the gates open on my side.

This is the final boss of the Military Quarter. We’ve finally reached the point where the success of this fight solely rests on the group in the back of the room. Our strategy requires four players to start in the back, two tank and two healers.

The rest of the group stays in the front. We send a tank and healer to the front right as you face the stage and everyone else goes to the front left.

The group in the front left burns down the first horse (the one with the meteor ability). We usually get him down before we can get three stacks of the debuff. We do not have the tanks switch targets in the front.

Once the first horse goes down, we move to the second and burn him down. Afterward we all go to the back and converge on the horse in the back left (the void zone guy). From there we all watch our debuffs and switch accordingly.

Now as for me my jobs are simple. I stay in minimum range on the first horse. This allows me to fire range abilities and not be impacted by the meteor ability. After that I stay in range and dps the second horse.

In the back I just watch out for void zones, keep an eye on my debuffs and switch targets accordingly. I also have to keep an eye on my pet and keep him out of trouble.

I really like our strategy on this fight. It’s clean and simple and usually goes smoothly.


  • I Go Survival
  • Stay in minimum range on the first horse.
  • DPS the second horse
  • Watch for voids zones and debuffs in the back.
  • Switch targets when I get three debuffs.
  • Try to keep my pet out of trouble.

Well that’s it for me and the Military Quarter. Like the other bosses so far it’s mostly deliver as much dps as possible. We like this.

Next time I’ll cover the Construct Quarter, and tell you how to get out of kiting zombies. I’ll also cover Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad and show you a potential use of Freezing Arrow and Wyvern Sting, hmm.