Simple Jobs Part IV: The Rest of Naxx

Kaffee: “I’m lead counsel, and this is Sam Weinberg.”

Lt. Weinberg: “I have no responsibilities here whatsoever.”

Welcome to final chapter of my low risk, high reward series, also known as the lazy hunter series.
Today I’m going to go over the Construct Quarter and Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad (yes my guild and I have finally beaten him in 25-man) and the “jobs” that my guild asks me to do. Again, there really aren’t that many.

The trash isn’t very special here. If we have lots of mobs it’s AOE, other than that it’s single target. Depending on the group we will kite and AOE the little blobs that spawn in the room before Patchwerk.

One thing I will say is that due to blob respawns, you should not release upon dying unless it’s going to be a wipe or no rezzer’s survive. But nobody wipes here right?

In Summary

  • I go Survival because I do more dps.
  • Spam Volley for AOE
  • Single target when necessary

This is every hunter’s favorite gelatinous mass. We produce some of our biggest numbers in this encounter, and it’s just so easy.

Stand in one spot, don’t overtake the tanks and execute your rotation until he’s dead. Once he’s dead you can collect your nice new bow and show off your recount.

Oh yeah, be sure to misdirect and feign death as needed. Watch that threat.


  • I Go Survival
  • Watch my threat
  • Deliver gobs of DPS

This is not the most hunter friendly of fights, but we can still top the meters. Lots of movement on this one.

Basically the tank will be moving the boss in a giant circle around the room. Our job is to keep up with him and do as much dps as we can.

If your melee are sloppy they’ll get sprayed and you may have to assist in killing the blobs that spawn as a result. The big thing is watching out for the mutagen injection. If you get it, just find the safe spot and run to it until it wears off. As our raid leader likes to say – Don’t fart in the car.

Other than that it’s pretty straight forward. Nice belt and BoE bracers if you’re luck.


  • I Go Survival
  • Try to stay in range of Grobb as he’s moved about the room.
  • Kill any blobs
  • If you get the mutagen injection, don’t fart in the car.

When we started out doing Naxx this was the first real wall we hit. The key to this fight is to keep the zombies kited in the back of the room and away from Gluth.

Hmm, kiting. Isn’t that something hunters can do? Indeed it is and it is something you might get called on to do this fight. If you don’t want this job (and really you don’t), then my suggestion is to out-dps everyone in the raid so that you’re too valuable to not be on the boss. Works for me anyway. Truth be told, there are classes better suited for this than us.

Even though I don’t have to kite I still like to drop freezing traps to help zombie herders out. I like to go marksman for this fight because of the strong volley and also because dropping freezing traps messes with my Black Arrow.

I’ll drop a trap to start the fight and then once the tank has Gluth in position, I’ll just dps him. Once decimate happens I’ll head to the back and AOE the zombie chow. Once they’re dead I’ll resume dps on the boss.

We’ve gotten to the point where Gluth is dead after once decimate. If your group has to go beyond two decimates you chances of success will diminish, so herd those zombies.


  • I Go Marksman
  • Use freezing traps to slow down the zombies
  • DPS Gluth until decimate
  • AOE the zombies during decimate.
  • Get some nice T7.5 and whatever other garbage he has.

Thaddius is the final boss in the Construct Quarter, and is usually the final hurdle before heading up to Kel’Thuzad’s chamber. Despite having to move around, I like this fight. It’s really not that hard.

The first thing we have to do is take down Feugan and Stalagg. It doesn’t matter which one I’m on, as my job is the same. I just need to stand still, execute my rotation, and manage my threat. Depending on how the groups are split, I may need to throttle back my dps so as to ensure that both Feugan and Stalagg die around the same time.

Once both are down I’ll switch to Aspect of the Pack. I find that the extra run speed nearly guarantees that I and most of the raid don’t miss the jump. If you do this, remember to switch back to Dragonhawk before the next fight begins.

As far as Thaddius goes all I really need to do is watch my polarity, stay in minimal range, and move to the other side whenever my polarity shifts. That’s it. They key is to make sure you don’t hesitate when your polarity changes. Interrupt whatever you’re doing and haul butt.


  • I Go Survival.
  • Watch threat and manage my dps on the Stalagg and Feugan.
  • Use Aspect of the Pack to make the jump.
  • Watch for polarity shifts and move immediately if mine changes.

The second to last boss in Naxx. Congratulations you’re almost home. This is another fight I like, I’m not sure why because it involves a lot of movement, and we all know, movement and hunter dps are not a good combination.

For this encounter we usually have to wear one piece of Frost Resist gear. I prefer the boots because I lose a lot less dps. This is another simple fight for us. There are two things we need to pay attention to, one is the blizzard and two are the ice blocks. If you can manage those two things it’s just dps after that.

The blizzard falls from the sky and moves around the room. Our job is not to be underneath it when this happens. The trick is to move enough to get out of it’s range, but not so much that you’re losing dps by running around too much (Hodir is similar in this way as well).

Periodically he’ll fly into the air and freeze a raid member in the ice block. When this happens you need to get behind the ice block and wait for him to do his thing. Again, this is not unlike Hodir’s flash freeze, another ability that people seem to not…sorry I’m digressing. More on that in another post.

Like I was saying the blizzard and the air phase continue over and over until he’s dead. Actually once you get him to a certain percentage, the air phase will stop.

Now go lobby for the key to Eye of Eternity.


  • I Go Survival or Marksman
  • Avoid the Blizzard.
  • Try not to run around more than necessary.
  • Make sure I get behind and ice block in the air phase.
  • Make the case why I should get the key.

You killed his cat and now it’s time to put him out of his misery and collect some nice loot to boot.

This is basically a three phase fight, and long one at that. As far being a hunter goes, this is not that difficult of an encounter.

In phase one I’m usually assigned Skeleton duty. They go down very fast, and I can usually find a nice sweet spot where I don’t have to move too much to be in range of them no matter which direction they come from. Be sure to put you pet on passive or you’ll risk pulling a whole room at once.

Once phase one is over you’ll get to fight KT. If there are any banshee’s up you’ll need to dps those down first. It’s important that you spread out. I use deadly boss mods, so before the fight I type /range. This will open a box that will display the names of players that are within 10 yards of me. You want there to be zero names in this box.

Once I have my safe spot, I’ll just dps the boss and keep an eye out for the void zones that spawn underneath player’s feet (shocking, I know). I usually just move forward or back to get out of the void zone.

Occasionally he will mind control two players. Hopefully you’ll have mages and shaman to help crowd control them. If not we can serve as backup for this. Remember that Freezing Arrow we got at level 80? It’s possible to fire a well placed shot to get them under control. Conversely, If you’re Survival spec you could also Wyvern Sting them. I haven’t actually tried that to see how effective it is. My only concern is that Wyvern Sting does do some damage. Your goal is to control them, not kill them.

In phase three some adds will spawn that need to be tanked. Sometimes I’ll need to misdirect and add to the off-tank. Not a problem.

Like I said, this really isn’t that hard a fight for us hunters. We mainly just need to watch our positioning and dps KT.

Journey’s End, The Envoy of Mortality, Tier 7.5 Helm, a nice cloak; why have to choose, just get them all.


  • I Go Survival.
  • Dps the skeletons while keeping the pet on passive.
  • Used Deadly Boss Mods and type /range.
  • Make sure I’m not within 10 yards of other players.
  • Serve as backup crowed control for the mind control.
  • Misdirect adds in phase three.
  • Make sure I have enough bag space for all of his goodies.

This concludes my simple jobs series. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Until next time, Good Hunting.