Simple Jobs Part II: The Plague Quarter

Welcome to part two of my low risk, high reward series, also known as the lazy hunter series.

Last time I ran you through the Arachnid Quarter and today I’m going to take you through the Plague Quarter. Again, this is all based on my raid experience with my guild. Yours may be different. For example, you may actually be doing Ulduar.

Everything is pretty much AOE, except for the Gargoyles. Because of their healing ability I single target and burn them down as fast as I can.

For the gauntlet that follows Heigan, I am usually asked to take down the Eye Stalks. They’re not too hard bring down, however, I do have to pay attention to see if the group is getting too far ahead.

In Summary

  • I Go Marksman
  • Spam Volley
  • Remember to use Trueshot Aura

He is the first boss of the Plague Quarter. I like to go with Survival for this one.

For this fight everyone groups up in the circle where the Noth is standing. I like to stay in minimum range so as not to draw aggro from the skeleton adds. When the add start coming the group AOEs them down (hitting the boss in the process).

We usually have strong AOE so I single target Noth trying to stand still and do as much dps as possible. During the teleport phase I’ll join in on the AOE fun.

We’re at the point now where we’re able to kill him after one teleport.


  • I Go Survival
  • Stay in minimum range
  • Single Target Noth
  • AOE the skeletons when he transports

This is boss number two of the Plague Quarter. I’ve done this fight enough times that surviving the dance is a complete non-issue. In fact I actually get to have some fun with it.

The fight starts with me on the platform. I keep my wolf at my side since he still can’t dance without me. While he can’t do any dps, he does do furious howl so he is helping.

We usually have somone call out when it’s dance time, but I like to keep an eye on the timers myself. During the dance phase I’ll go into viper if I need mana. If my mana is good, then I’ll show off and fire a few shots at the boss.

That is pretty much it for Heigan. Now if only everyone in the guild could learn to dance.


  • I Go Survival
  • Keep my pet by my side
  • Pay attention to the timers
  • Regen mana and/or show off during the dance phase

This is the final boss of the Plague Quarter. Depending on the group makeup and how often the other dps go for spores, you’ll either see your numbers soar, or watch others catch up (where’d all our warriors come from).

Again for me this is a pretty basic fight. I position myself near a healer, keep an eye out for spores and blast away. The spore buff lasts two minutes, so I like to keep an eye on the timer, as well as stay on the lookout for any nearby spores.

That’s it for Loatheb. Enjoy the crits, the high dps numbers, and if anyone gives you crap about how they’re catching up to you on the meters, refer them to your Patchwerk numbers, or “accidentally” misdirect a mob onto them during the next trash pull.


  • I Go Survival
  • Keep and eye out for spores
  • DPS the boss
  • Enjoy the crits and big numbers.

Well that’s it for my duties in the Plague Quarter. Like the Spider wing it’s pretty much stand and deliver as much dps as dwarvenly possible.

Next up I’ll show you how to beat a dead horse in the Military Quarter.

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  1. For Heigan, I also fire off instants and make sure I'm facing him while dancing so I can get the occasional autoshot off. I then stop DPS and feign death about 3 seconds before he comes down.

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