Simple Jobs Part I – The Arachnid Quarter

Today’s post comes from my low risk, high reward series, also known as the lazy hunter series.

I’ll be looking at Naxxramas and relating to you the various jobs (mostly it’s crank out as much dps as possible) that I’m asked to handle for each of the boss fights. I’ll also cover which spec I like for each boss as well.

I personally prefer to go with Survival for most fights because I’m more comfortable and can do more damage with it. There are circumstances (mainly high movement fights) where I prefer Marksman.

For the trash I like to spec Marksman. Our guild AOEs all the trash so having the higher damage volley allows me to pad the meter early on. The only exceptions I make to AOE are the Dark Touched Warriors in the Military Quarter. They wreak havoc with melee so I like to single target them down.

Unless our feral druid is in the group it might take me three pulls to remember to turn on Trueshot Aura.

In Summary

  • I Go Marksman
  • Spam Volley
  • Remember to use Trueshot Aura

He is the first boss of the Spider Wing. I like to go with Survival for this one. There is some running around, but not enough to want to make me switch to Marksman.

When the fight starts our two OTs grab the two adds and bring them close together. The group then AOEs them down. I prefer to single target these add myself. I’ll usually misdirect the first add onto the OT and then burn it down.

After this I just switch to the boss and try to limit my moving around. During locust swarm, I’ll misdirect the add onto the OT and burn it down. Once it’s down I’ll switch back to the boss. We usually have enough AOE dps that I don’t have to worry about the little scarabs.

One other thing, the boss does is an Impale ability so I try to position myself so as not to get hit, or hit others when he uses it.


  • I Go Survival
  • Misdirect Adds to OT
  • Single Target the adds
  • DPS the boss
  • Position myself to mitigate Impale

This is boss number two of the Spider Wing. Our guild isn’t quite good enough for the Knock You Out achievement, so we still do this the old fashioned way.

In 25-man I’m usually asked to misdirect one of the Followers (the guys without mana bars) to the OT. There are two that we burn down at the beginning of the fight. Just like Anub’Rekhan we group these two together and AOE them down. Again, I prefer single target on them.

Once they go down I just single target the boss and unload until she’s dead. The only time I have to move is if the Rain of Fire comes down on me.


  • I Go Survival
  • Misdirect a Follower to OT
  • Single target the Followers
  • DPS the boss
  • Stay out of the Rain of Fire

This is the final boss of the Spider Wing and is perhaps one of my least favorite fights in the whole instance. I find it very hard to get into a good rhythm with this boss.

My guild always gives me the responsibility of freeing people who get web-wrapped. Unfortunately they seem to think that I’m able to free myself.

I usually go with Survival for this fight. There’s a ton of movement for me, which hurts Sniper Training, but I also find that as Marksman it’s hard to keep Serpent Sting from falling off.

The reason I hate this fight is that I have to stop dps on the boss to free the web-wrapped folks. This usually involves running to find them and free them (we seem to be mini-map ping challenged). Shortly after they’re freed I usually get hit with Web Spray. Once I’m out of that I can dps the boss, but it’s almost time to free players again.


  • I Go Survival
  • Free the web-wrapped folks
  • Spam vent and ping the mini-map like crazy when I get wrapped.
  • DPS the boss
  • Curse myself for having bought Torn Web Wrapping off the AH, whenever I see it drop.

Well that’s it for my duties in the Spider Wing. As you can see it’s pretty much stand and deliver as much dps as dwarvenly possible.

Next time I’ll put on my dancing shoes as I cover the Plague Quarter.


  1. Good advice 🙂 For the web wrapped folks, I like the controlled burst of MM. I sting and chimera, and usually that's enough (assuming I have help).

  2. You guys flip specs in a naxx raid? Last time I was there we were doing master looter and chain pulling. Loot wouldn't be done before we were at the next boss. So we'd summon the ML and then pull. Kinda nice if/when you have to be the ML. No trash. 😉

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