Jewelcrafting – Getting Ready

First things first, I’m back from my second vacation. It was a great trip and if it weren’t for the timeshare folks it would’ve been perfect (that’s a story for another day). I discovered something about myself, I may be an idiot, but at least I’m not a fool, but I digress.

A couple of months back I picked up Jewelcrafting so I could cut my own gems and take advantage of the awesome jewelcrafter only gems. I took a quick glance at some of the 3.2 changes on the PTR, and today I want to share some of the Jewelcrafting changes and what they mean for me, and possibly you.

First here are the important changes.

  • Epic gems and recipies have been added to the game.
  • The stats of the jewelcrafter only gems have been increased. The delicate dragonseye now has +34 agility up from +27.
  • The jewelcrafter only gems are no longer prismatic. For example the delicate dragonseye is now a red gem.
  • Epic gems can be purchased with Emblems of Heroism.
  • Epic gem patterns can be purchased with tokens earned from the daily jewelcrafting quests.
  • Epic gem patterns require jewelcrafting 450.

So what does this all mean for me? It means I have work to do.

  • I will have to do some re-gemming. I’m currently using the jewelcrafter only gems to satisfy my meta-gem requirement.
  • I will probably add a Deadly Ametrine and Shifting Dreadstone to my gear in order to keep my meta gem active.
  • I will then upgrade any available sockets to Delicate Cardinal Rubys.
  • With my current gear I’ll probably gain about 20 more agility, but I’ll be sacrificing some socket bonuses.
  • I’ll need to work on getting my jewelcrafting to 450.
  • I’ll also want to make sure I do the daily jewelcrafting quest each day so I can buy the patterns I want (I want all of them by the way).
  • I’ll also be doing more heroics to stock up on Emblems of Heroism so I can purchase some epic gems. Remember that when 3.2 hits we’ll be earning Emblems of Conquest, and while they can be converted to Emblems of Heroism, I’ll probably want to keep them to get Conquest gear.

When patch 3.2 hits you can bet that a lot of folks will be looking to upgrade their gems. In addition to gemming myself, I’m hoping to cash in on the early demand.

So the bottom line is if you’re a jewelcrafter you might want to start collecting badges and earning tokens to get the new patterns and gems when 3.2 goes live.


  1. I'm torn between taking advantage of current high prices on titanium by selling now or waiting until 3.2 launches and prospecting it. I wonder whether the price currently is sustainable…

  2. I really wish I had a gathering profession on this guy. I've been raiding so much lately that I don't seem to have time to dailies and my raid costs are starting to catch up.

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