Ten Things I Like About our 10-man Ulduar Team

  1. Once we figure out how to beat a boss, it stays figured out.
  2. We’re actually able to progress from week to week.
  3. There’s no shortage of “Mom” jokes in vent.
  4. Very little time is spent on explaining each fight.
  5. Very little time is spent on wiping new bosses. We die fast!
  6. Each person contributes to the strategy. I’m usually wrong.
  7. We all have Raid Awareness (inside joke here). Seriously though, nobody dies from Rune of Death or Devouring Flame.
  8. We pass on loot, unless it means getting the Epic achievement.
  9. We struggle more on the trash than we do the bosses.
  10. We can spend an entire evening wiping on one boss and end the run still having had a great time.