How Hunters Think

So the time has finally come for me start leveling one my alts. Now in no way am I tired of my hunter. I still love playing him, and raiding with him.

What I am tired of are daily quests and the Argent Tournament. So rather than do something productive with my time on nights that I’m not raiding, it’s time to try something different.

So which class and spec? Well the obvious choice would be another hunter and I do have one who is now level 70, but I’ve opted to level my Shaman.

Previously I was elemental, but I’ve switched to enhancement. Why?

  1. He wears pretty much the same gear as my hunter so I know where to get it.
  2. He has pets. Granted they don’t last very long, but then again on some encounters neither do hunter pets so it works out to be about the same.

In essence he’s the melee hunter I’ve always wanted. I’m looking forward to this.