Sibling Rivalry

Ranchero: Heya Dark.

Darkbrew: Who the heck are you?

Ranchero: I’m your level 70 alt. hunter, Ranchero.

Darkbrew: Oh yeah. How do you like those heirloom items I got you?

Ranchero: They’re pretty sweet, thanks.

Darkbrew: Cool. So, um where are the 34 cobalt bars you were supposed to send me?

Ranchero: Um, about that. There seems to be a small problem.

Darkbrew: What problem. You go to a mailbox, type in my name, drag the bars to the slots and click send.

Ranchero: I know. It’s the type your name in the box that’s the issue.

Darkbrew: Really? You just put me on your friends list and start typing my name and auto-poplulate takes over.

Ranchero: This is true, but you’re not on my friends list.

Darkbrew: >.<

Ranchero: Although we’re in the same guild, there are several toons whose names start with Dar, assuming that’s what I typed.

Darkbrew: So where did they go?

Ranchero: I have no idea. They haven’t been returned yet either.

Darkbrew: I needed those to make ammo.

Ranchero: I know. Speaking of which, when I hit level 72 I’ll be able to use the engineering ammo, so I’ll need you to make me some.

Darkbrew: Get off my blog!