The Week That Was…

Lots of ups and downs this past week, and lots of fun too.


Tuesday night our 25-man Naxx team ripped through the Military Quarter (a wing which had given us fits). Everything was great until our 457.96 imba rating, five pieces of 25-man Naxx gear, and only 1600 dps Survival hunter (Arcane shot? Really?) pitched a fit because loot council didn’t award him the T7.5 chest piece. F-bombs went flying over vent and things got ugly before the inevitable g-kick. Run ended.


Friday night was our Naxx continuation run and the drama continued. One of the things you should know is that we have a very active Officer channel, especially on raid nights. On this particular run, our former GM piped in and said that they didn’t want a particular player healing (/fail at not having screen caps).

Well it turns out that this particular player is in charge of DE’ing all of the unwanted drops. To make life easier our GM promoted her so she could have better access to the guild bank. While she wasn’t officially on officer, the promotion did grant her access to the O-channel. It would have been nice to know this.

As you can imagine, she got upset, left the raid and logged. This prompted her “quest buddy” to get upset, and he /gquit.

Unlike Tuesday, things stayed relaxed and we downed two wings before calling it a night. Oh, and as for our missing hunter? We replaced him with a 477.13 imba rating, 4K dps Mage.


Sunday our 10-man Ulduar team had it’s second week. It’s nice to see progress happen. We one-shot Leviathan and Razorscale, and we finally got Ignis down. As for drops,

Last week I got Razorscale Talon. This week he dropped it again, so I now have two. My dual-wield career was short-lived when Ignis dropped Relentless Edge.

As you can imagine my guild hates me right now. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.