And The Hits Keep on Coming

“…From what I hear, you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a *bleeping* boat.” – Bull Durham

Some players over on elitist jerks are reporting a very nice change to Focused Aim. Apparently on the PTR the hit rating gained from this talent now transfers to our pets (And there was much rejoicing!)

So what exactly does this mean? It means we just had some nice options open up for us. Currently on live Focused Aim is a talent of last resort. It’s only recommended if you are struggling to reach the hit cap. With this change it becomes a perfectly viable talent and well worth considering.

Until now the only true way to reach the hit cap was through gear, gems and enchants. As a result our choices were limited. Stats are all about balance, and this change gives us more flexibility towards that end.

The challenge is going to be finding talent points to spare, especially with all of the changes on the PTR.

So how does Focused Aim impact the hit cap? Here you go.

At level 80 it takes 32.79 points to increase your hit by 1%.

If you’re a Draenei or are grouped with one you can reduce your hit cap to 131.16.