Brew of the Month Club – Black and Tan

Welcome to the first installment of the Brew of the Month Club. I can’t think of a better time to start this series than on St. Patrick’s Day.

Our featured brew this month is one of my favorites, the Black and Tan. The black and tan is great for those times where you can’t make up your mind between having a light or dark beer. And it looks cool too.

The black and tan comes in many varieties. When I frequent the Irish pubs I usually ask for a Harp/Guinness combination. If I’m at home then a bottle of Yuengling Black and Tan usually does the trick.

Now if virtual brew is your thing, then this month’s in-game brew is the Aromatic Honey Brew. It has funny proc call Honey Touched where you are swarmed by bees and feared for a few seconds.

As always, whether you’re at home, in a pub, or in Aezeroth, it’s /moderation FTW!

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