MMQB: Sideways Lost

I’m jumping the gun by a couple of the days, but believe it or not the Brew Hall turns one this week. March 17 marks the official date that I made my first post. It’s been a very fast and fun year.
Thank you to all who continue to come here each day.

I’ve decided to start back up with my recap of the weekly events, and in this case frustrations. Lots of spleen venting for today.


Our ICC (25) team downed another boss this week. Hooray for progress, even if it’s slow. With Valithria Dreamwalker down this opens the door to experience my most hated boss in both 10 and 25-man modes – Sindragosa.

It’s not often that I screw the pooch in a raid, but it does happen from time to time. Last night, on what had to be our most promising attempt of the evening, I died and started a chain reaction of epic fail that led to another sub 10% health wipe.

For me, Sindragosa’s Icy Grip/Blistering Cold will rank right up there with Heigan’s Dance and Thaddius’ jump as my most hated raid mechanics of all time. I’ve actually mastered this in phase one. It’s in the final phase where I now struggle.

I use disengage to help get some distance once I’m sucked in. In the first phase I have the luxury of positioning myself so that this works flawlessly every time. In the final phase my positioning is not always the greatest, and sometimes disengage can and will take me in a direction that’s “unpredictable”. Instead of backwards, I’ll go sideways and end up lost. Such was the case in this one attempt.

By the time I got my bearings straight and realized I wasn’t any further back than where I started, it was too late. It really broke the rhythm of the group and ultimately we wiped around 7%. It also led to another round of “you guys need to pay attention and run out” from the raid leader.

These encounters all come down to consistency. You have to execute the mechanics every time, not just some of the time. We’re going back in tonight and I suspect we’ll take a break from Sindragosa and focus on Putricide instead. For the final phase I may just have to quit with the disengage and turn and run like every other class.

Other Stuff

On a happier note, I finally got my Reins of the White Polar Bear. I’m done. No more defending my title, abusing the workers, going down in the pit, and destroying the eggs. No more mountain water, salted yeti cheese and snowballs (which I throw at the quest giver every time).