The Tanaan Jungle

Have you watched this video? No? You should. It’s only about 15 minutes long and provides a wonderful overview of all the things you can do, and all the rewards you can get from the Tanann Jungle.

I did not spend much time on the PTR. The main reason is that without my keybindings, addons and UI I’m completely dysfunctional when it comes to this game. I simply can’t play it.

This preview has energized me, and I find myself looking forward to uncovering the secrets of the Tanaan Jungle.

Combined with the Hellfire Citadel raid I’m beginning to think that Patch 6.2 is indeed the influx of content I’ve been waiting for.

The Timeless Isle and now the Tanaan Jungle style adventure area is clearly how Blizzard wishes to present end-game content to players outside of raids. Other than its duration, I thought the Timeless Isle worked well and the Tanaan Jungle looks as if it’s an improvement.

Mounts, toys, gear, reputations, and battle pets. It’s all there waiting in the Tanann Jungle.

Let’s set sail, shall we?

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