Happy Holidays!

Another year is coming to a close, and I wanted to thank all of you who come here each and everyday (even when I don’t have anything new), and listen to the podcast every other week; especially to those of you who brave the early morning to listen to it live. Without you there’d be no point to doing any of it.

Of all the things that transpired for Hunters and World of Warcraft it’s the podcast that I was most excited to see come back. I’m really happy with the new lineup, and I hope you are too. 2015 should be an exciting year. We’ll should have all of the hosts back for the next episode, and we’re looking to bring more guests onto the show as the year progresses.

I’m still having fun playing Warlords, but the bloom is definitely starting to fade. While some have said that information about 6.1 has come too soon, I find myself in the opposite camp, craving not only information, but looking forward to a playable PTR.

I’ve settled into raiding mode, and am finding less need to logon other than raid nights. There’s stuff to do, but not much that I care to do right now. Most of my time is spent managing my Garrison. I continue to fine tune it, and I’m pleased with my current configuration.


Other than playing the the follower mini-game it’s mostly about raiding right now. Our team should kick it into high Highmaul mode after the New Year. Now that the specs are on more even footing, I’ll be giving Survival a serious look. If I like it, then I might go with Marksmanship and Survival as my two specs. It’ll be the first time in quite a while where I didn’t carry around a Beast Mastery spec.

You can add Tri-spec to my top Winter Veil list.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. id love trispec. or even just a dedicated pvp spec option.
    currently ive gone with dual surv to have some fun. havent really played it since cata.
    im really enjoying exotic munitions. in pvp its a blast to constaly slow your target. wish it was better in raiding.

    have a fun xmas.

    wtb tameable reindeer + sleigh 🙂

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