MoP Taming Challenges in 6.0

The non-spirit beast taming challenges introduced in Mists of Pandaria are not changing in 6.0. So why is this noteworthy then?

A big part of taming the pet once you find it is to cast Hunter’s Mark, and well, Hunter’s Mark is going away in 6.0.

If you want to tame one, you’ll have to be quick once you reveal them with your flare, as you won’t be able to mark them for the tame.

In fact, I would guess that you’ll want to cast the flare a few yards in front of the beast to maximize the amount of time it will be exposed by your flare.

Not impossible to tame once 6.0 drops, but certainly more challenging than before. If you’ve been eyeing these, but haven’t set out to tame any, you might want to do it before 6.0.

For a list of all the taming challenges from Mists, you can check out this post on Petopia.


      1. Yes, out all the devs, Muffinus been a great champion for Hunters when it comes to pets this expansion. Gara was his baby, and many of the new pets we have to tame were a direct result of his interactions with the Hunter community.

  1. I would have preferred to keep Hunter’s Mark, if only to annoy rogues in PvP, but I think this won’t cause too many problems.

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