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I get that many people have checked out and are biding their time waiting for patch 6.0 to be released. I, on the other hand, have been actively running Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar week in and week out, and my makeshift group is working on Thok.

This week Greatfather Winter made a guest appearance in SoO and handed me a bag of goodies that will have me scrambling to get valor capped for a solid month. I mean just look at this haul.

That’s not all though. Sitting in my bags in need of upgrade I also have one Haromm’s Talisman and several off-set pieces consisting of two pairs of gloves and boots. Probably not going to upgrade any of those, although those boots are real nice. I have warforged.

As you can see that’s five weeks of valor capping assuming I don’t get any other drops.

Now you’re probably wondering why I, one, rolled need on the Sigil of Rampage, and two, am planning to spend 1000 valor to upgrade it.

In patch 6.0 Assurance of Consequence is getting nerfed so hard, that it will wish it had only been nerfed to the ground.

My header image says it all. I mean just look at that. Those are level 90 stats folks. Ability cooldown reduction of 2.01%? That’s for the Mythic version. Your results may vary, and probably for the worse.

There are wet noodles jumping for joy right now because from here on out people will say it hits like a Warlords of Draenor Assurance of Consequence, when referring to something as weak.


If I’m lucky I’ll have a heroic Ticking Ebon Detonator by the time patch 6.0 rolls out. If not,  I’ll seriously consider making Haromm’s and Sigil my trinkets of choice.

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  1. That has to be an oversight. Seems like all stats are reduced by a factor of roughly 25, including the percentage based ones. They will probably fix it before the patch, I wouldn’t worry.

  2. Yeah, I think AoC will get fixed. They’ll probably scale it so that it’s useless and provides none (or next to none like this 2%) CDR at level 100. I would expect it to be like 50% CDR at 90, 45% at 91, 40% at 92, 35% at 93, etc.

    There’s always a chance Blizz will be like “yeah, your BiS trinkets are worthless for this one month of level 90 in 6.0” but I’d like to think they won’t!

    Also, I haven’t simmed it, but wouldn’t normal TED be better than heroic Sigil? I know the proc is nice on that, but the passive sucks compared to the gobs of mastery on TED. But maybe it does come out ahead? I would have guessed Haromms/TED combo if AoC isn’t fixed.

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