Glyph Changes in Warlords

I noticed a few glyph changes in this build of Warlords of Draenor. I don’t know if they were just introduced, but it’s a change from Mists.

Some of the major Hunter glyphs are now exclusive with one another. The following glyphs can no longer be used together.

So no more doubling up on glyphs that affect the same spell. This probably has a greater impact for PvP than PvE.

I can’t say I’m too surprised by this, after all, who wasn’t abusing things by stacking Glyph of Pathfinding and Glyph of Lean Pack?


  1. yeah, the liberation and disengage is a pain, i match those 2 when soloing the belts on blackfuse. grab a quick heal while jumping off the pipe onto the belt.

    deterrence and mirrored blades is annoying as those 2 are almost mandatory in pvp.

    mending and mend pet i guess for soloing where u using a pet tank.

    as for the rest meh

  2. We already have rather limited choices for glyphs. Now they want to restrict it even more? How were you notified that they couldn’t be used together?

    1. It wasn’t announced. I noticed it when I looked at the glyph tab in the beta this weekend.

      1. @Jaeger, If you already have one from the glyph family (which is what I’ve decided to call them), then the other in that family will be grayed out and have a message on it’s tooltip saying you can’t use it with the other glyph.

  3. When I was setting up the various specs, I noticed a couple times that I just didn’t have any glyphs I cared about equipping… I think glyph of disengage is really cool. But that’s about it. Mending is nice sometimes. Mend pet is useful rarely, but sometimes. There’s still a few useful for PvP, but for PvE there’s not much to be excited about here. Maybe that’s ok, and glyphs for hunters just won’t be important. I suppose that’s the risk when they wanted to make none good enough to be “mandatory”.

  4. I think for raiding is doesn’t matter that much, as I don’t see the glyph choices in Warlords being any different then they are now.

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