WoD Hunter Beta Report – 07/05/2014

So yesterday I wrote some show notes, and then I thought why not use them for an actual show.

I wouldn’t call this a podcast, per se. The beta report is more of a reading of the week’s Hunter beta news.

Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out, especially the length. It’s a little rough in some spots, but a good enough first effort that I’m likely to do more of these.

Please give me your feedback, both good and bad, and enjoy!

WoD Hunter Beta Report – 07/05/2014


  1. Thanks Darkbrew! It’s nice to hear your voice again. 🙂 Also like your new blog layout. Looks good!

  2. Thanks for the vocalised review, it’s good to still get updates from an old hand as well as Bendak. The creature that the mythic armor features is a rylac I think. The helm looks a lot like one of the heads of the iron skyreaver mount with one of the spaulders holding the other. It looks a lot nicer than the rest of the Hunter sets on this tier, sleeker and I personally like the red, but, as with everything, Blizz really needs to scale down the shoulders.

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