Early Reactions

The dust is beginning to settle from the huge info. dump we received last night. I’ll be preparing additional posts on each spec and more during the coming days. From what I’ve seen thus far, reactions are very mixed.

Many of you were sad to see Distracting Shot go. Not sure this will come back, as apparently some thought went into removing it.

Hunter’s Mark is another one that folks will miss. I tend to agree on this one. The floating red arrow is one of the more iconic Hunter features. Maybe a minor glyph for cosmetic purposes?

There are also concerns that Hunters have a lost a lot of burst DPS, and that Stampede may end up being a mandatory talent. I have to say I’m partial to Stampede, but I also like Blink Strikes very much.

Hunter perks are generating a lot of excitement, and are something I’m looking forward to.


Of course for everyone who wants one thing changed or brought back, there are those out there ready to embrace the changes and move on.

Whatever you feel about the changes, it’s import to know that this is an iterative process that is just getting started. Talents, abilities and perks are all likely to change in the coming months leading up to release.

I like a lot of what I see so far, and if they can get each spec balanced, Hunters may get some nice game play choice in Warlords of Draenor.


  1. Mt own reaction has been “calm, calm, calm” Been here to often to let myself freak. So much will change by the end of the beta

  2. Currently my only really worry is the distracting shot removal. I have the feeling the current Devs have no idea what an important ability it is for kiting, (extreme) soloing and just general aggro/threat control.
    Growl, ranged or not cannot replace it. Hopefully, devs will read forum and blog reponses and change their mind.

  3. I agree with you on Hunter’s Mark, Darkbrew. It is such an iconic hunter ability that, even for cosmetic purposes, it is a bit of shame to see it go.

    The new perk system makes sense if they want to make people more aware of how their character progresses over the course of levelling. I got a feeling that these are also put in place because there aren’t going to be many new abilities (or any maybe?) added to each class since they have been focused on removing some. But I may be completely off track with that!

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