The Hunter’s Arsenal: Razer Naga


The Razer Naga 2012 is the most under utilized tool in my arsenal. This is due in large part to my Logitech G510 keyboard. A lot of what I could use this mouse for is farmed out to the keyboard. That said, not everyone who has tried Logitech keyboard has liked or even chosen to use the G-keys. If you’re looking for an alternative to keyboard input, the Razer Naga could be the tool for you.

This is a powerful gaming mouse, and like my keyboard it now has an upgraded version. The latest version has title scroll-wheel and more pronounced buttons so you’re less likely to fat-finger the wrong thing.

It has 12 programmable keys which you can use for just about anything. I use it for push-to-talk, auto-run, and Counter-Shot. If I were inclined, I could program any number of abilities or commands to these buttons.

I purchased it with the best of intentions, but I just couldn’t train myself to push all those buttons on the side. Eventually I’ll get around to binding a few more things. It definitely takes some practice training your thumb to know where the buttons are and which ones to press.

It has an in-game addon that you can use. It’s not compatible with other bar addons like Dominos, so I’ve chosen not to use it, but I like the fact that they’ve gone out of their way to support World of Warcraft.

Overall this is a good product, but due to overlap in functionality with my keyboard, my preference is to use that for most things.

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