The Hunter’s Arsenal: G930 Gaming Headset

If you’re looking for solid headset to game with, look no further than the Logitech G930 headset. It’s wireless, has great sound and range, It keeps unwanted noise out, and makes raid communication clear. I’ve had mine for almost two years now and I still love it.

It’s not a small headset, but it’s surprisingly comfortable for its size. It has over the ear coverage which is great for keeping background noise out, and allowing you to focus on the conversation in Vent. A feature I love, but my wife hates.

Worried about what people say about you when you go AFK? Worry no more. The wireless is powerful enough that can you roam to the kitchen for a beer, go outside for a smoke and still listen in as they talk about how you like to stand in the fire.

I live in a three story townhouse. My PC is on the middle level and I get wireless anywhere I go in my house, even in the garage, which is practically outside. Ninja AFKs have never been easier with this beauty. You can sneak away and still hear all of the action and even speak.

The sound quality is good and even has full 7.1 surround sound gaming audio. I don’t choose to use this, but the quality is good, and it has a full equalizer to fine-tune your sound. It has three programmable keys. I bound one to my push-to-talk key for when I’m AFK, and want to defend my reasons for standing in the fire.

There is a button to mute the microphone, and a red-light to indicate your’e on mute, and if you raise the microphone it will auto-mute. Perfect for when your trying to scarf down those raid snacks and don’t want everyone to hear you chomping away.

The battery lasts a long-time. I’ve raided for four to five hours straight and never had an issue with power. In fact, the product information says it has a 10 hour battery life. When you’re done, just plug it into the PC to charge.

It’s not cheap and will set you back about $100.00, but I think it’s well worth the price.

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