What’s Brewin’ – Pets

Hi I wanted to give you an update on some things I plan on serving up here at The Brew Hall. Next week will be pet week. I’ll be doing four articles revolving around our faithful companions.

How Do I Choose My Pet is my response to Grumpy Elf’s article How Do You Choose Your pet.

Having trouble taming Loque’Nahak? I’ve gotten him twice in the last couple of months. I’ll share with you some tips for finding him in this age of cross realm zones.

Leveling a new Hunter? You’ll want to check out Ten Tames for Under 20 to see some beautiful and unique pets you can get for your Hunter under level 20. Warning, taming challenges ahead.

Shot of the week will carry on the pet theme with a look at the Master’s Call ability. Spoiler alert, it’s not just for PvP.

Finally I’ll close out the week with another What’s Brewin’ in which I’ll update you on some plans for archiving the Hunting Party Podcast episodes, as well as an update on a series of articles I’m planning on button bloat, Hunter rotations, and more.

Enjoy the weekend!


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