The Huntress

You know you’ve bonded with a character when you spend several hours acquiring the perfect transmog set, and accompanying pets and mounts. Meet Zeldra!


Zeldra is officially my sixth Hunter, and my favorite behind Darkbrew. I created her last month and she hit 90 on New Years day.

She’s pictured here wearing a set of Black Dragonscale armor with the Stylin’ Adventure Hat and a Vengeful Gladiator’s Longbow. The pet is Rex Ashil.

I’ll talk more about how to get this incredible armor set in a future post.


  1. I love that bow! And the mog and the wasp fit eachother really well. 🙂

    I’m on 6 hunters myself, but only 2 of them are 90. I’ve kept one at 60, one at 70 and so on, in case I’ll ever do “at level-low lvl raiding”.

    Might be time to level one again soon! 🙂

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