Back in the Saddle!

Finding a good raid team has been a struggle for me this expansion. I really wanted our guild to have a solid group, but we just weren’t able to pull it together. We struggled with attendance and performance right out of the gate. We completed everything in normal and did a few heroics in the first tier. In the second tier we hit the Horridon wall and that was pretty much the end. The guild itself didn’t fall apart, but those few solid raiders we had found other teams on the realm.

Luckily for me, a raid team on our realm lost their Hunter, and I was able to fill in. I had completed all of flex and was really looking for something a little more challenging. I’ve done three raids with them, and it looks like most of the instance is on farm. They haven’t killed Garrosh yet, but we should get some ample time on him on Monday.

Since joining the group, the loot gods have been pretty good to me. Upgrades have included, neck, belt, gloves, bracers, boots, trinket, and gun. The gloves game me my four piece bonus, which I love.

I think the team will definitely get Garrosh, and then we’ll see about heroics. With Warlords of Draenor nowhere in sight, I think we’ll have ample time to do some heroics, as long as folks don’t get bored and burn out. I know that I’m nowhere close to bored or burnt out.

I’m back baby!


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