Nov 122012

I’ve often wondered how it is that folks manage to miss their group finder queue popping up; especially if you’re a DPS with a 20 minute wait. Well one way this happens is you’re playing WoW and you get a waft of some delightful aromas coming from your kitchen. It’s your wife cooking food – for herself. Now you’re hungry.

Forgetting you’re in queue you head to the kitchen, brew a cup of coffee, fry an egg and toast some bread. As your bread pops from the toaster, your dungeon pops from the group finder, only you’re not there to realize it.

In the end you have a nice snack and another 20 minute queue to run the dungeon in search of the Bow That Does Not Exist.


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  One Response to “The Queue”

  1. Netflix is also the bane of my queues. I regularly put on a show or a movie it’s fairly easy to miss the queue-pop noise if you’re not looking at the WoW monitor at that time.

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