RaidChecklist Update

For those who might be wondering, the RaidChecklist addon is getting and update for MoP. This addon was created by Hunters for Hunters, and was a must have for any raider.

It’s functionality is simple – provide an at-a-glance overview of which buffs, debuffs, dispels and crowd control abilities are available in your raid, and it worked perfectly.

Unfortunately Anyia, the addon’s author, quit WoW, and there was some concern that this addon would be left hanging. Because Anyia played Hunter she’s an awesome person, and awesome people do things like updating an addon for a game they no longer play.

Here’s what Anyia had to say in the comments area on Curse.

Due to the number of requests for an update I’ve received, I’ve pulled out my free2play account and am working on an update. Given the sheer number of ability changes and the complete revamp of the talent system, it will take a while to get this under control. It looks like I might need to rewrite some of the core logic to deal with the some of the new MoP stuff, which will also take some time.

I’ll release a beta as soon as I’ve gotten the database up-to-date and the LibGroupTalents library has been updated sufficiently to not throw errors left, right & center. I have seen some progress on it, so hopefully that will happen relatively soon.

Much of the RaidChecklist localization will be outdated and in need of some love from people from those regions, but that’s something to worry about once I’ve got the base add-on back to a sane state…

A big thank you to Anyia for continuing to support the Hunter community, despite no longer playing WoW.

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