What Happens in Beta…

Gets posted right here. The focus of this phase of the beta is the Pandaren starting area, and leveling a panda from 1-10. None of the high level stuff is enabled yet. That means no new continent, dungeons or abilities beyond level 85.

I leveled a Pandaren Hunter through the starting zone. None of the new beasts there were tameable, but that could change. Minimum range is indeed gone and it’s wonderful. It also appears that you will learn new abilities automatically as you level. No more having to visit the trainer.

The new starting zone is quite nice, and the pandas are a lot of fun. The female ones look great. For now I’m going to give the Monk class a look before carrying on with the hunter. So move over Darkbrew, because here comes – Darkfu! If he looks a little stiff, that’s because the animations for the male Pandaren are little buggy right now. It’s beta and it’s to be expected. As such I’ve include a small gallery of some of the quirky and cool things I’ve seen so far. Personally I think they should leave the King’s lines as they are.



  1. Yes. For the first time in I can’t remember, WoW is fanlliy adding alternate game systems and not focusing on Raiding as the big draw. FINALLY. I’m so tired of the raiding only endgame mentality. So a big YES from me.Plus getting Diablo 3 for free and a free mount and access to the expansion beta is a nice sugar coating too good to pass up hehe.

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